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We are a national not-for-profit working to build affordable housing communities. This is no small undertaking as homes are the largest item, most people purchase in their lifetime. Unfortunately, in today’s housing market many first-time homeowners, single parents, people employed at new businesses, empty-nest seniors, and minimum wage-earners cannot afford an apartment, let alone purchasing a home.

We want to change that for many of the 2.3M Canadians that fit the tiny home demographic, and are living in housing need. Just for reference, housing need loosely defined as “anyone spending more than 30% of their income on housing, or living in conditions that do not meet their needs”.

Our communities can provide affordable housing as starter homes for minimum wage earners, or an option for empty-nesters on fixed incomes. Not only is it affordable housing, its a supportive, sustainable community. How will you participate?

We do not believe the government alone will be able to fix the housing crisis, and we don’t believe the traditional housing industry will either. Most builders are already at capacity, and the old way of building and ownership will not address housing availability or affordability. New methods and concepts are needed to address these new problems, and we believe our communities can be a part of the solution. So pick a way to become involved and let’s work together to make this happen.

Ed Peterson
Founder, Tiny Town Association

Corporate Sponsorship

Providing funds, materials, or services

Connect with our corporate funding team. Read our news release about our partnership here …

Craig Brennan
Fallon Jones

Community Bonds

Tapestry Community Capital

You can support our affordable housing communities by purchasing bonds that provide a portion of the funds to build our communities. These interest bearing bonds may be purchased for 2, 3 or 5 years, with interest paid annually. Read our news release here …

For more information send an email to: Community Bonds

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