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Model Homes

We will build 4-model homes in each community that may be purchased pre-construction as an investment, or as one’s own home at a discount.

All homes in our communities sell for a fixed price. They cannot be sold on the open market and may only be sold through the Association. New homes are built and installed once a new citizen joins the community.

In order to have 4-model homes available in each community, we are offering investors an opportunity to fund their construction. These homes will become the final ones available in a community, at which time the investors are paid out.  Investors are guaranteed a maximum 24-month holding period, but it could be significantly less, as affordable housing demand is expected to accelerate sales.

The investment will net a fixed return, regardless of the holding period. Specific communities may be requested with the deposit but cannot be guaranteed given the limited number of model homes in each development. Construction of the model homes will commence once a community is approved, and investors will be contacted about their participation, in the order their deposits were received.

  1. Investment holding period is a maximum of 24-months after the last model home is completed.
  2. A fully refundable $4,000 deposit is required to secure the investment of funding a model home.
  3. The total investment in each home is $124,000.
  4. An investor may choose to pay 100% of the funding once construction is scheduled or,
  5. The investor may choose to make staged payments:
    • 25% – once construction is scheduled,
    • 25% – 7-days after construction begins,
    • 25% – 14-days after construction begins,
    • The balance – 21-days after construction begins.
  6. Once the final model home is completed, each investor will receive a receipt for their payment(s) and a certificate indicating their guaranteed redemption date.
  7. The sell price of the home is $150,000 netting a $26,000 return to an investor.
  8. An investor may choose to become a citizen in the community, rather than cashing out at the end of the holding period. In this case the home will not be returned to the Association, as the new citizen will take possession. This is the only opportunity to acquire a home, at a discount.
    HST on the home purchase will be due at this time.

If interested, complete the form here, indicating how you will make your deposit.

Model Home Investment Opportunity

  • ETransfer payments may be made to:

  • Cheques may be made payable to the Tiny Town Association and mailed to:

Tiny Town Association
PO Box 20023
Kingston RPO Taylor Kidd,
Kingston, ON K7P 2T6

  • Wire Transfer details will be sent once we recieve a completed form.

Note: preference is given to investors based on when the funds are received, not when the form is completed, nor when funds are sent.

 Receipts are provided once funds are recieved and confirmed.